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Technology and Nature

The Richway Biomat Belt is a coupling of unique, innovative technology and nature coming together to produce cutting-edge healthcare. Here you will find out the construction of this USFDA approved device and how it works. The Poka Poka Biomat Belt has the one of a kind technology of the Biomat and combines it with some new twists, including over eight precious stones known to have healing properties.

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8 Stones that Heal   Precious Stones in Biomat Belt
What makes the Richway Poka Poka Biomat Belt unique from other Richway Biomats is that it uses more than just Amethyst. In fact it uses seven other precious stones all with their unque healing properties. This is NOT metaphysical healing but actual, scientific healing. Yes, rocks can really heal, especially when warmed. Below you will find a description of these eight stones and what healing properties they have.

Korean Amethyst: Korean Amethyst is the best in the world. Amethyst naturally amplifies infrared rays.

Green Jade: Most commonly used gemstone in the world. Green Jade naturally amplifies infrared rays.

Black Tourmaline: Naturally emits negative ions which purify oxygen. Negative ions are also natural free radical scavengers or, "antioxidents".

Topaz: Generates strong infrared rays.

Quartz Crystal: Body purifier when stimulated by electriciy.

Tiger Eye: Used for disorders of the reproductive tract, diverticulitis constrictions, also colon, digestion and stomach problems; alleviates pain.

Elvan: It helps to discharge bodily waste through the deep effect of Far Infrared Rays. Excellent detoxifier.

Citrine: Its reputed properties are that it helps with digestive problems, stomach ailments, and circulation; also it activates the thyroid and stabilizes the mind.


NASA discovered far infrared rays

Biomat Belt Parts List

The Construction of the Biomat

The Richway Biomat Belt consists of 11 layers of cutting-edge technology for healthcare. Each layer has a specific purpose and together, all layers give you infrared therapy in a safe environment.

1. Cotton 2. Urethane and Silicon 3 Fiber glass layer 4. Amethyst, Citrine, Black Tourmaline, Green Jade, Elvan, Tiger Eye, Quartz Crystal and Topaz. 5. Cotton texture 6. Cotton padding layer 7. Super fiber 8. Heating wire, the interception of harmful EMF 9. Aluminum panel 10. Waterproof layer 11. High quality cotton.

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