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The Richway Biomat Belt was designed to concentrate on the health of your abdomen, or gut. There are more nerve cells in your gut than the rest of your body combined, including your brain. The same neurotransmitters that you find in your brain are in more abundance in your small intestines.

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Independent of your brain, your gut can remember and learn things as well as give you feelings based on emotion. The expression "I have a gut feeling" isn't just a saying, its absolutely true. Both of our brains are connected by a nerve system that travels from the base of your brain all the way to your gut. Both feel what the other feels and so your psychological health is directly related to your gut health and vice versa.

As a developing fetus, your gut consisting of your esophagus, small intestine, stomach and colon develop from the same piece of the embryo as your brain. Eventually, your gut and brain divide and grow apart but are still connected by a huge nerve called the vagus nerve. Your brain and cranial nerves become your central nervous system and your gut becomes your enteric nervous system, both forever linked to work seperately and together throughout your lifetime. Just about every regulating chemical (hormones and neurotransmitters) found in your brain is also found in your gut brain.

The gut contains ten times the microbe species as the entire rest of the body. Their job is to break down food so that it can be absorbed as nutrients. They also help to rid the body of toxins and to boost the immune system. The ratio of life giving (progenic) to disease causing (pathogenic) microbes should be 85:15 in a healthy body. When this ratio is disturbed, it leads to digestive problems.

So how do we maintain that balance? The Richway Biomat Belt is the perfect solution.

The Richway Biomat belt, with consistent use, can restore that microbial balance that is key to gut and total body health. Infrared ray therapy (thermotherapy) is concentrated into the abdomen injecting healing warmth to the gut promoting the growth of that progenic microbe population.

NASA first discovered infrared rays and the effects they had on the human body when looking for ways to improve the health of their astronauts in space because if one person in cramped quarters gets sick, they all get sick.. They found was that when far infrared ray therapy was used, that toxin and waste removal was heightened. When someone's body is introduced to far infrared rays, the first response it has is to expel carbon dioxide. This, in turn, then effects the lymph system which determines how much you sweat and thus how often toxins are expelled from your body. This means that far infrared ray therapy will strengthen your immune system as it gets rid of the toxins and wastes that make it harder for your immune system to fight off diseases like cancer and many others.

NASA also found that an increase in blood circulation was also a benefit of infrared rays. Better blood circulation can prevent and help with diseases like arteriosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, paralysis and diabetes. Far infrared rays also increase your metabolism which increases weight loss and gives you more energy. Since diabetes is a disease caused by metabolic problems, far infrared ray therapy can be very good for those with that disease. Learn more about Long Wave Infrared Rays.

Increased Serotonin Production Equals Faster Metabolism

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter mostly located in the gastrointestinal tract and central nervous system of the body. Research shows the amount of serotonin that the body produces is directly related to happiness. Approximately 90% of serotonin is located in the gut where it is used to regulate digestive functions and aid in immunity functions. The rest is made in the central nervous system to regulate mood, sleep and appetite. The Richway Biomat Belt can help increase the serotonin levels within your gut by warming the abdomen with infrared ray therapy.

There are also trillions, and over 500 types of, different types of bacteria living in our intestines, some are beneficial and some are malicious. Infrared therapy to the abdomen will increase the amount of beneficial baccili in the intestines, which then raises the level of our immunity to disease. As the beneficial bacteria multiply and increase in number, they produce heat shock proteins that attack unfriendly baccili. Your brain is directly connected to your gut and for that reason, the health of one is greatly dependent on the other. When you are stressed, you promote the growth of malicious bacteria in your intestines and that then feeds back into your mental health. While your brain is depressed, stressed or unhappy, malicious bacteria multiply in your gut and can cause numerous life-threatening diseases.

Promote a healthy, happy life and get your Richway Biomat Belt today, great for stress and depression relief! ORDER NOW!

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The Health Benefits of Far Infrared Rays

If you sit a lot, you're body has a harder time dumping the wastes it has to get rid of. Lower back pain is mostly a product of how you take care of your gut. More weight on your gut equals more pressure on your lower back. Turning the Richway Biomat Belt around to concentrate on your back will allow for lesser back pain and the strengthening of lower back muscle tissue.

Infrared ray therapy has been known to regenerate muscle tissue and relieve arthritis and bone pain for decades. Your back is the central axis of your body and it is very sensitive. Both the upper and lower body is affected by backaches, and therefore requires your center deserves extreme care. Backaches may be caused from excessive workouts and incorrect posture. By controlling such extreme workouts, treating harmful postures, and projecting far-infrared radiation onto the back, the backaches will rapidly be reduced. Treating your lower back to consistent infrared thermotherapy will regenerate those muscles faster, strengthen your center and get rid of excess fat that hinders your center from doing its job.

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